Here at Automated Innovation in New South Wales, we are delighted to be stocking the amazing Hikvision Thermal Cameras, which are extremely effective for helping protect your business and your employees from a coronavirus outbreak. Read on to find out more about these innovative cameras. 

Fever Screening Technology

One of the main symptoms of the covid-19 virus is a high temperature, and many businesses across Australia are using handheld temperature ‘guns’ to measure forehead temperatures before allowing individuals to enter. 

The issue with these handheld infrared thermometers is that they can often be quite inaccurate. The accuracy of infrared temperature guns can vary depending on many factors, such as the distance from the body, how steadily it is held, and for how long. Environmental factors such as wind and water can also affect the accuracy of these devices. 

In addition, the fact that these infrared thermometers need to be manually used by an individual also increases the risk of infection. There are of course costs associated with employing someone to take on this task and they can only read one individual’s temperature at once, meaning long queues for many offices, retail stores, and other institutions. 

Hikvision Cameras

Thanks to state of the art technology, Hikvision Thermal Cameras are not only accurate but do not require any manual staffing. 

By reading the skin-surface temperature of an individual in under one second, the Hikvision camera can provide a real-time view of body temperature with an astounding accuracy of up to 0.3 degrees celsius. 

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the Hikvision fever screening camera can also detect multiple individuals’ simultaneously, ensuring easy flow of employees, patients or clients in and out of the building. No human contact is needed as the technology is designed to be hands-off, further reducing the risk of infection and keeping employee wage costs down. 

As soon as a higher than normal temperature is detected, an alert will pop up on the chosen monitor, alerting receptionists, or other employees at a safe distance. 

The amazing Hikvision thermal cameras even include futuristic AI technology which ensures that only skin-surface temperatures are recorded and not a warm coffee cup that someone might be carrying. 

Hikvision Security Cameras 

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