Merewether Residence

Given the objective of creating a state of the art home equipped with the latest technology available, while also blending and enhancing the architectural designs of the house Automated Innovation designed a customized solution to incorporate all these requirements.

The location of the home being so close to the beach (less than 50m to the coast) meant that product selection was critical to fulfilling objectives of the clients home design of dealing with the coastal climate of the build.

The client wanted a system that performed seamlessly and all from one app/screen without the need to jump between multiple apps or systems to control the entire system, and one that blended as much current technology together. The clients love of music put particular importance on high audio quality and performance in the project.

A Control4 solution was delivered featuring 4k Video Matrix, Multiroom Audio, Lighting Control, Smart Video Intercom, Voice Control and High Level HVAC interface